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Get To Know Me!

HI! I am so excited you're reading this right now.

I believe getting to know my clients is crucial to capturing dreamy images. So you can get to know me... here's a little bit about me.

I grew up in Mexico City and moved to the United States almost 10 years ago! I have a deep passion for creating art, whether it is through watercolors, music and of course photography! When I'm not singing or taking photos I enjoy doing yoga, hiking the Oregon Gorge and spending time with my fiancé Jake, our dog Dottie and our cats Angie and Phoebe.

I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. You know those super old digital cameras with the little screen from 2006? I had a pink one and it was my pride and joy. I remember wanting to take photos of everyone and everything and always being intrigued by editing, even when I had the most awful taste in filters and stickers. But it's been over 12 years so...

Getting to know your photographer is crucial to your experience. Just like getting to know you and your person will help me capture your love in the most genuine way possible.

Reach out so we can talk about your vision and get to know each other!!


Ready to book? Head over to my contact page!


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