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Taylor and Andrew took the non-traditional route of celebrating their marriage by keeping things short & sweet with a courthouse ceremony with loved ones followed by an adventure through the Columbia River Gorge.

These photos bring tears to my eyes., It was incredibly special to witness such a quaint and intimate exchange of vows between these two love birds. It may just look like any normal courtroom, but the chemistry between Taylor and Andrew filled the space with an indescribable energy. There was something so beautiful about the simplicity of it all. Sometimes less truly is more. For these two, it was as if they were the only two people in the room. They were completely honed in on one another. There were no flashy decorations of extravagant flower arrangements, No sea of guests arranged in rows along the aisle. There was an overwhelming intimacy at this wedding that I found so endearing. It was unique from any other ceremony I have ever attended.

To me, this ceremony showed me just how special life can be when you are with your person, whether you are at your local courthouse or in a field of daisies. Weddings are my livelihood and my passion, and the photos I take away from all of them are like souvenirs from all the places that love has taken me. Following Taylor and Andrew around on their special day opened my eyes to just how customizable a wedding can be.

After all the documents were signed and the couple became legally official at the Clark County Court House, we ventured out into the Gorge for an even more private ceremony. The two exchanged vows on a cliff overlooking the Columbia River. We were graced with the most beautiful weather and gentle breeze, which swept the veil of the bride effortlessly in a slow-motion orbit around her. The day moved slowly and came to a tender end when the sun decided to make her graceful exit behind the mountains. It was an absolute joy to be a part of such a simple yet spectacular display of love, I am SO stoked for all the adventure weddings that the future holds!


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