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"Dana was beyond amazing during our mentorship. She came fully prepared and ready to deep dive into everything that goes behind the scenes as well as during each photography session. She was encouraging, excited and uplifting when it came to me starting this new journey. Answered all my questions and more as well as providing tools to get me started and notes to go back on and review. She makes you feel absolutely comfortable and so confident embarking on what can be a scary new journey. With her knowledge, experience and overall sweet personality I feel confident taking the next steps and knowing I can go back to her for help. "

- Gisselle K.


If you are passionate about photography and are looking for answers to questions that are hard to answer, then let me introduce you to my mentorship packages.

I'm passionate about helping other creatives learn with the tools and resources I've gained over the years. My full heart goes into each mentorship, providing you with knowledge I wish I knew when I first started.


1 HOUR $200

I'm all yours for one hour. We will meet over FaceTime or Zoom and go over all your questions. Some things we can cover are Camera Settings, Culling + Editing, Pricing, Social Media Marketing, Posing, Prompting + anything else you have questions about.

3 HOURS $600

With the option to split this session into two 1.5-hour sessions, we can take our time to talk about all the ins and outs of the practical aspects of photography as well as the more intricate business side of things. Nothing is off the table!!



 We will chat for 2 hours over coffee somewhere local in Portland or Vancouver. We will chat about posing, prompting, composition, camera settings, lenses, lighting, angles, etc :)



The day is yours! We will meet over coffee somewhere local in Portland or Vancouver and then head to a styled session that I will craft for you. You can choose the location or let me scout something for you! During our time together you are more than welcome to ask questions and ask for input. 


I had the honor to do a mentorship with Dana and I can’t recommend it more! She shared so much of her knowledge with me and gave resources that will help me in my career. The session she set up was perfect and I got great content, as well as was able to watch her work and learn from her that way! If you are even considering doing a mentorship with Dana in the slightest, do it! You won’t regret it! Not to mention, I left with not only a mentor but a new friend! 

-Kambryn L.

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