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You might think it would be complicated to find the perfect location in the Pacific Northwest when it's the middle of February. The winters here can feel endless when it's been raining for weeks, the weather is unpredictable with few to no days of sun and spring takes a sweet time to make its appearance.

For Amber and Josh their hometown of Vancouver actually turned out to be the perfect location for a photoshoot. There is no better way to capture a love story than when you have something to tie it back to, something like the first place you ever went to on a date or maybe the park where you shared your first "I love you" or the coffeeshop where they know your order by heart. This is the truth about relationships and places. I had never truly been a big fan of these so-called "urban sessions" until I saw how a place can have such a profound impact on telling a story through pictures.

Not to mention these two are a vibe.


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