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There are lots of things to consider when it comes down to a very big decision: to have a wedding or elope?.. or maybe something in between the two?

Here’s something to keep at the forefront of your mind as you mull over all the pros and cons: this moment is all about YOU… and your partner of course. In this day and age, there are a million ways to make your wedding day special! If you are torn between wanting a big reception with all of your friends and family, or an intimate ceremony somewhere private and beautiful, here are two combinations that mesh together the best of both worlds!

1.) Elope and have a reception when you return from your trip.

This gives you the freedom to have a private ceremony and honeymoon in one package deal, which a crowd of loved ones waiting to celebrate with both of you when you arrive back from your wedding moon!

2.) Destination Wedding

This option is perfect if you are looking for your elopement fix, with the perks of having a handful of loved ones present. Depending on how many of your friends and family are able to attend the wedding, having a special dinner following the wedding might just be the perfect way to share this pivotal moment somewhere beautiful with the people that matter most to you. No need to stress about a guest list or feeding 100+ people!

Couples portraits at the Oregon Coast

Looking at the big picture, you want to be able to remember your wedding day for what really matters most about it. If you are not liking the idea of putting together a 150 person guest list, paying for all of the food, decorations, and venue, an elopement might be the solution. Weddings often times come down to people-pleasing, and when you are planning on spending a decent amount for this special day, you don’t want to remember all the negative and stressful parts of the process. Eliminating that pressure could be one of the best decisions you and your partner make right off the bat, before you even begin your marriage! When it comes down to it, you have to ask yourself the hard question…

  • Do I want to pay thousands of dollars for a renting a venue and food for all of my guests when that money could fund an entire vacation?

  • Would it be more memorable and unique to combine the honeymoon and wedding ceremony?

  • When I look back at my wedding photos decades from now, will I still be enchanted by the memory of eloping in the mountains or at the coast with the love of my life?

Keep in mind that your loved ones will support you, no matter what you decide! If they don’t, that is certainly not the kind of energy that deserve to be surrounded by as you are getting married, and is all the more reason to elope, at least in my opinion. I am very passionate about elopements and intimate ceremonies specially because I have witnessed the magic that is created and exchanged between two lovers when they are committing their lives to each other in a beautiful place where they can share the beginning moment of their marriage alone (and their photographer of course aka me).

There is something truly special about being able to hold onto that memory for the rest of your life. I can’t wait to have that moment for myself when I elope next year! Only you will know what decision is right for you, and I hope that I was able to provide some useful insight and points of consideration for you.


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