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I recently shot a wedding in an orchard and it was truly a magical experience. The couple chose this location because of their love for nature and the outdoors, and it was the perfect setting for their special day. The orchard was filled with rows of apple, pear and peach trees, which provided a stunning backdrop for the ceremony as well was Mount Hood in the distance. As the sun began to set, the chilly September breeze began to blow so I took Sarah and Ryan away for sunset portraits. We stumbled upon the most beautiful field of Dahlias.

As the night went on, the guests danced under the stars and toasted to the newlyweds. It was a truly special and unique wedding, and the beauty of the orchard setting made it all the more memorable.

If you're planning a wedding and love the outdoors, I highly recommend considering an orchard as your venue. @mtvieworchards was a venue out of a dream.


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