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Smith Rock State Park is one of Bend's most popular elopement/wedding locations. Probably because the views are so stunning. Once you pull into the parking lot you will instantly be in awe of its rocks and canyons. You will feel like you left Oregon and ended up somewhere in Arizona or Utah. Located in Bend, Oregon the park is home to stunning rock formations that have been formed by the Crooked River. The towering cliffs and spires are a climber's dream, drawing in thousands of visitors every year. Hiking and biking are also popular activities in the park, with several trails winding through the beautiful landscape.

With beautiful views of the river and incredible geological formations, Smith Rock is a must-see destination for any nature lover visiting the Bend area. The park is home to a variety of birds and other wildlife and is a great place for birdwatching.

Smith Rock is open to the public for a $5 parking fee so if your wedding is small enough it’s the perfect backdrop for an elopement or small wedding.

Things to know for planning your Smith Rock State Park elopement/wedding

What's the best time of the year to elope at Smith Rock?

Smith Rock State Park is a beautiful location to elope at any time of the year. However, the best season to elope at Smith Rock State Park is during autumn (September to November) when the park is less crowded, and the weather is mild with lovely fall colors. Spring (March to May) is also a great season with blooming wildflowers and comfortable temperatures. Summer is usually the busiest season, so if you prefer to elope during this time, plan ahead and avoid weekends. Winter (December to February) can be cold and snowy, but it offers a unique and stunning backdrop for your elopement photos.

Do I need a permit to elope at Smith Rock State Park?

If you have over 20 guests attending your elopement or wedding, you must contact the State Park Manager to reserve the amphitheater. If you choose to have your wedding at the amphitheater you can have up to 50 guests and the reservation site can be found HERE.

Can I bring my dog to my elopement at Smith Rock?

Yes! You will most definitely want your fur baby on your forever day. Keeping dogs on a leash is strictly enforced but you are more than welcome to bring your pup!

Are campfires allowed at Smith Rock?

Campfires are not permitted year-round due to the dry high desert climate at the park but you can always rent an Airbnb with a fire pit and invite your crew over to celebrate after your elopement!

Some of my favorite airbnbs near Smith Rock:

Now to the magic that is eloping at Smith Rock...


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